Krista & Grety Vandevelde

Te negeren wegomlegging

Einde wegenwerken Brusselsesteenweg: 27 maart 2018

Vanaf woensdag 28 maart 2018 zijn we weer normaal bereikbaar via de Brusselsesteenweg vanuit alle richtingen!


Since Krista and Grety have started their shop in 1998 in Grimbergen, they have participated in several national and international exhibitions and contests. Additionally they regularly organize expositions in house or in attractive locations in the area as well. A small overview.


November 2015 Grimbergen Natuurlijk wild
November 2014 Grimbergen Aan mijn zijde
November 2013 Grimbergen Verweven verhalen
November 2012 Grimbergen Tussen hemel en aarde
November 2011 Grimbergen Tastbare Poëzie - Par...être (gast: Phet Cheng Suor)
November 2010 Grimbergen Vegetamorfose (gast: Luc Schuiten)
November 2009 Grimbergen Stone revealed...
November 2008 Grimbergen Connected in freedom
June 2008 Grimbergen 20 years of reflection
November 2007 Grimbergen Ode to the water
November 2006 Grimbergen ²Force inside radiates through
November 2005 Grimbergen Soulmade (guest: Kanwa Adikusuma)
November 2004 Grimbergen Rainbows
May 2004 Grimbergen Opening celebration 'Welcome in the Cederhuis'
November 2003 Grimbergen Moving
November 2002 Grimbergen Light
October 2002 The Orangerie, Brugge Body & Soul
June 2002 Diamond museum, Antwerp Two times 1001 night
November 2001 Grimbergen Once upon a time there were...
November 2000 Grimbergen The art of enjoying
Januari 2000 De Oude Pastorie, Kapelle-op-den-Bos Colorful encounters
November 1999 Grimbergen The future starts now (guest: Luc Meuris)
November 1998 Grimbergen The magical force of color (guest: Eefje Craenen)
May 1998 Grimbergen Passion for pearls
November 1997 Grimbergen Living stones, a world of light (guest: Tom Munsteiner)
November 1996 Grimbergen In the sign of Japan
October 1996 Gallery 'NDC-jex', Osaka, Japan Belgian jewel designers
November 1995 Grimbergen Dialogue, a flow of ideas (guest: Roos Van Develde)
October 1995 Gallery 'Kauterveene', Mechelen Contemporary jewels
June 1995 City hall Papeete, Tahiti Tahitian pearls
May 1995 'Espace Moselle', Brussels International exhibition 'Magic of the Tahitian pearl'
November 1994 Grimbergen Imagination, a creative force (guest: Nancy Aillery)
November 1993 Grimbergen Quest for the ultimate beauty (guest: Doris Grieten)
April 1993 Kredietbank, Roeselare Contemporary jewels
November 1992 Grimbergen Pure forms (guest: Karla Mertens)
October 1992 Brussels Price Felix De Boeck
November 1991 Grimbergen The diamond-jewel
June 1991 Gallery 'L'Ecuyer', Brussels The pearl and the black Tahitian pearl
December 1990 Grimbergen Because every woman is different
June 1990 Gallery 'De Tinnen Pot', Brussels Colors in the jewel

Contests and rewards

September 1996 Grimbergen Krista and Grety, both laureates in the national contest 'pearl jewel designs'.
September 1995 Grimbergen Krista wins the first price in the national jewel design contest.
Rewarded jewel: 'Dialoog'
October 1991 Grimbergen Selection for 'Visie '92' organized by Diamond-info.

Study travels

July 1999 Philippines Quest for the 'golden' pearl
March 1998 Tahiti and Tuamotu archipel Preparation for the exposition in May


August 2007 Grimbergen Fata Morgana