Krista & Grety Vandevelde

Te negeren wegomlegging

Einde wegenwerken Brusselsesteenweg: 27 maart 2018

Vanaf woensdag 28 maart 2018 zijn we weer normaal bereikbaar via de Brusselsesteenweg vanuit alle richtingen!

Converting of used gold and transformations

Transformations & repairs Transformations & repairs Transformations & repairs Transformations & repairs

Lots of people possess jewels they haven't worn for years. Maybe you too do have some gold somewhere in your cupboard because its design doesn't fit you any more.

We are pleased to breath new life into these old jewels. Gold coins and jewels can be molten and reused to create a completely new and personalized piece of jewelry.

Het eventuele teveel aan gewicht in goud wordt door ons gerecycleerd.

If this is your wish, the original concept can be integrated in the new jewel. An old wedding ring or a family jewel can become a part of a new jewel.


We put our craftsmanship at your disposal as well to repair your jewels or to restring your pearl necklace. The repairs are done in our in-house workshop with the greatest care and pleasure.