Krista & Grety Vandevelde

Te negeren wegomlegging

Wegenwerken Brusselsesteenweg: voorjaar 2015 tot najaar 2018

Ook tijdens deze werken is het Cederhuis vlot bereikbaar - maar enkel vanaf de kant van de Brusselse Ring. Vanaf daar kan je de aangeduide omleiding negeren en zoals altijd gewoon rechtdoor rijden tot aan parking "Terwilgen" naast het Cederhuis.
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Wedding rings and other wedding jewels


A wedding ring is very personal. It's chosen by sentiment and next to an aesthetic value it evidently has a symbolic value as well. Together with you we like to take all the time you need to find the best suitable ring.

There's no such thing as identical hands and often men and women have different demands for the ring they want to wear. In this perspective, partners do not always have to choose for the same ring. Several possibilities exist to link rings that are not identical to become a symbol of unison this way.

Perhaps you are not too fond of a ring or you can't wear one because of professional reasons? No problem, you can also opt for another jewel, like for example a pendent. Important is to find yourself back in it and to choose something you will feel good about, for the rest of your life.

Next to our own collection of unique pieces created specially for you, we also offer a wide choice of more than 200 other wedding rings.

Looking for an original bridal jewel (or for her mother !) ?
We carefully choose and design it specially for the you. The jewel will get an added value because it will be linked to this memorable day forever. Thanks to the great choice, not to mention our large variety of pearls, there will always be a jewel within the range of your budget.