Krista & Grety Vandevelde

Te negeren wegomlegging

Wegenwerken Brusselsesteenweg: voorjaar 2015 tot najaar 2018

Ook tijdens deze werken is het Cederhuis vlot bereikbaar - maar enkel vanaf de kant van de Brusselse Ring. Vanaf daar kan je de aangeduide omleiding negeren en zoals altijd gewoon rechtdoor rijden tot aan parking "Terwilgen" naast het Cederhuis.
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The Cederhuis


In 2004 we moved into the Cederhuis, a giant leap in our professional collaboration that started in 1998, when we opened our small shop in the Hogesteenweg, Grimbergen.

In 1998 our team counted four goldsmiths and our shop and workshop started to become too small. More space became a requirement and we set out to find a new location.

Our quest got rewarded, and how ! We found a magnificent neo-colonial villa built in 1947. After 4 years of renovations we settled in the"The Cederhuis". It owes its name to the majestic cedars found in the front yard, that shelter and protect the house.

As nature is omnipresent in our creations, it had to take a prominent place in the renovation of the place. This can be seen amongst others in the choice of ecological construction materials, rainwater recuperation, solar panels for warming the house and in the way we shaped the garden fence: recycling, natural materials, inviting for birds,... were some of the key starting points. If you wish to learn more about the construction of such a fence, click here (in Dutch).

The architectural concept all in glass creates a special connection with earth, water, stones and plants in the peaceful garden. Light fills the whole place in which our creations are optimally presented.

The Cederhuis is an open hous where everyone is invited to come and have a look.

We do all we can to receive you comfortably (a cup of coffee,...). We put ourselves enthousiastically at your disposal and let you travel in all tranquility between the exposed creations, in search for the jewel that corresponds most with your desire, with your personality. One of the two creators is always present and can take all the time required with you to picture the creation of a truly personal jewel.

The workshop

Our workshop is situated behind our shop. It is a large, light space in which our ideas take shape. Our workshop complies with the strictest demands of a modern goldsmith, as we highly value that our goldsmiths, Inge and Fran├žois, can work in a pleasant environment to create our unique jewels.

It is wonderful to work in such a competent and passionate team !

Exhibition room

Our shop offers the possibility to exhibit other art forms.