Krista & Grety Vandevelde

Te negeren wegomlegging

Einde wegenwerken Brusselsesteenweg: 27 maart 2018

Vanaf woensdag 28 maart 2018 zijn we weer normaal bereikbaar via de Brusselsesteenweg vanuit alle richtingen!

About us ?

Krista en Grety

We are two sisters with a heart for beauty and harmony.

Already as little girls, we used to play with seashells, beads and colorful little sugar balls: our passion for jewelry was born in our daddy's confectionery store. One lead to the other and we ended up in a jewelry work shop. Wishing to share our passion, we opened our own shop at the Hogesteenweg in Grimbergen. 17 years later, in 2004 we moved and we can currently welcome you in our magnificent new space: The Cederhuis.

Here in 'the pearl of Brabant', we design and create unique jewelry, independently from fashions and trends. Our principal source of inspiration is what nature offers us. Precious stones, diamonds, pearls that we merge with noble metals. It's often these treasures themselves that reveal the jewel's shape: organic or rather fluid, pure lines.
For us, creating a jewel is a game of shapes and colors, a timeless dance with character and grace.

The interaction between us both, our collaborators and the dialogue with our customers are indispensable elements in our creative work. In a process of continuous, mutual inspiration we breathe life into exclusive and personal jewels, accessible to all budgets. These exceptional jewels are the result of lots of patience, log van craftsmanship and are appreciated by anyone that loves beauty.

The Cederhuis team

The Cederhuis team

Krista & Grety Vandevelde, designers and goldsmiths,

François Van Hal and Inge Scotton, goldsmiths,
Griet, Annie, Julietta, Geert, Lena, Herman, Tiny, Freya, Hervé, Joke, Joël,... Wout and Meya, each having his place in the whole..

It is pleasant to work here thanks to these valuable collaborators !